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Horizon Exterior Technology products have the greenest Eco-Profile of ANY roofing or wall tile on the market:


  • All natural components. No composites. No petro-ingredients.
  • High 1500° baking temperature makes tiles fire-resistant - No chemical coat needed.
  • No-Fade Color- No need for painting or recoating. 
  • Low Maintenance Cost- Just wash with water if needed.
  • Insulating- Proven energy-saving technology.
  • Highest RSI test results - Reflects heat and retains cool.
  • 50% Lighter Weight Tiles = 50% Fewer raw materials.
  • Lightweight Tiles- Less wood needed for framing. 
  • Resistant to fungus, mold and bacteria = Breathe clean air.
  • Superior Durability- Low breakage saves 10% to 20% on material and costs.
  • Extremely space-efficient. More per Container = Fewer Trucks. Save 50% on truck fuel.